The Film

‘Man In Fear’ is about a group of conceptual artists who create accidents as pieces of art. Writer/Director Will Jewell had been developing this premise as a feature script but given the need to create memorable accidents (like a grown up, twisted version of the board game ‘Mousetrap’) the film would require a significant budget. Therefore, it was decided to make a short film as a ‘window into the world’ of the feature in order to illustrate the style and tone we saw for the feature film to help secure it’s production. So, when the UK Film Council and Screen South rolled out their short film programme ‘Digital Shorts’ for the last time a short script was submitted, built around the police station scene from the early feature draft.

This won through from the hundreds of submissions to secure production funding… and ‘Man In Fear’ was the result. The intention is that this short film baits the hook for the feature film, which Will is currently scripting, and is provisionally titled ‘The Accident Club’.

The film was shot over 4 days in Brighton, Merton and at Talkback Thames studios, where the shoot vied with production of the last ever episode of ‘The Bill’ for studio time. Given the axeing of the long-running police show we were the first external production to use the iconic Sunhill police counter and many great ex-Bill crew jumped ship to work on the shoot. We spliced together the street scene from footage shot on Merton High Street, 50 miles away in Brighton and on the studio backlot where we filmed the stunt sequence – kindly overseen by the screen legend that is Nick Gillard, stunt co-ordinator on ‘Star Wars’, ‘Raiders..’ and a whole bunch of Hollywood epics. Nick probably writes off cars for breakfast, but it was a bit of a moment for the rest of the cast & crew when the Audi slammed into that scaffolding…

The Story


Art journalist Anthony Fox’s book on the reclusive YBA pioneer Ian Gilchrist is to prove his untimely undoing. In tracking the artist down, Anthony uncovers the twisted path he and his fellow artists have taken conceptual art, in their attempts to break new ground and breathe life into the genre. Anthony's 'troublesome investigations' result in him being named the subject of their latest piece. Because the artists now create accidents as works of art – playing God by creating ‘random’ events…

Only, unlike previous victims, Anthony is cursed and blessed with knowing exactly what’s happening to him as the City around him becomes a source of utter paranoia. He sees potential death all around him as he survives four ‘accidents’... The trouble is, it’s a perfect trap as who on earth is going to believe such a story?

Fractured Films

‘Man In Fear’ was produced by Fractured Films, an award-winning independent Production Company based in Brighton. Fractured Films have previously produced several shorts as well as the acclaimed feature doc ‘South Coast’ and music promos for bands including Skunk Anansie, as well as writing, producing or filming various web drama series for Channel 4 and the BBC including the BAFTA-winning Channel 4/Little Loud web drama ‘Bow Street Runner’. Fractured Films have a slate of film and web/TV drama projects in development.